What’s band therapy?

Band therapy is a consulting program composed of strategy sessions to propel your artistic career forward.

Don’t have a manager and need professional advice? Want to tour abroad but don’t know where to start? Being an artist in today’s digital landscape can be overwhelming. How do you set your project apart? What are your goals as an artist and how can you achieve them? Are you an artist manager or programmer looking to internationalize your career as well as your artist or venue?

Band Therapy offers sixty minute personalized sessions where we work together to break down your project and create a plan to take your band to the next level. Each session can focus on a specific topic or general strategies, and concludes with a plan sheet in a follow up email with tools needed to move forward. Sessions available in English, Spanish and Portuguese in person or via Skype. To schedule a session please email allie@alliesilver.com.

Areas of expertise:

  • How to launch your career in international markets

  • Tour management, planning, and logistics

  • International conferences and showcases

  • Independent and Major record label relations and distribution strategies  

  • Press and social media strategies

  • Latin American music markets

  • Artist visa applications and troubleshooting

  • Assembling your international team of labels, agents, publishers etc.

  • Managing artistic assets (music videos, remixes etc) and release scheduling

  • A&R development